Whoa! What Hollywood stars feel about Global superstar Shah Rukh Khan!

What Hollywood stars feel about Global superstar Shah Rukh Khan!

Shah Rukh Khan has become an icon across the world, he has fans all over the world, not just the foreign audience even the Hollywood superstars are big fans of the actor. Each Hollywood celebrity has spoken about their love for Shahrukh Khan and how they are a big fan of him. When news of Heather Graham doing Dhoom 3 was doing the rounds, she came forward and clearly stated that she would not be doing any Bollywood movie if Shahrukh Khan is not starring in it. Such is the power of his stature in Hollywood. He has previously collaborated with Akon for his movie Ra. One and has even conducted an television interview with Lady Gaga. ADVERTISEMENT The pictures of Shahrukh Khan, Lady Gaga hanging out with Arjun Rampal were constantly circulating the internet. Even when american rapper Armando Christian Perez, popular by his stage name Pitbull, shook a leg with Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan during the opening ceremony of Indian Premier League (IPL) in Kolkata last year, he was seen appreciating the actor a lot.

SRK even taught him a few Bollywood moves but the musician now seems to want more than that. The rapper recently revealed that he had an amazing time during his IPL visit to India. He said the kind of love and affection he received was overwhelming. He added, “The people of India are really warm. I really enjoyed performing in front of such a huge and welcoming audience.” Pitbull even told that he would love to work with the King Khan, it’s not just him many Hollywood stars want to work with King Khan and each Hollywood star have spoken about the actor and in order to know what they have told, read on and check out what the Hollywood stars feel about Shah Rukh Khan.

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