17 reasons why King Shah Rukh Khan is your first and last love!

King Shah Rukh Khan has been the ideal chocolate boy, the knight in shining armour and the quintessential romantic hero over the years. But he is more than what meets the eye, as Shah Rukh Khan the actor motivates his audience or fans with killer dialogues like “Picture abhi baaki hai, mere dost” and Shah Rukh Khan the human being proves to the world going from zero to hero, no one to someone special. He is unapologetically ambitious, dares to reach greater heights and his no-diplomacy take makes you adore the Baadshah Khan. His role as loverboy “Raj” made you fall in love with him, but it is his real persona that ensured he will remain the last love as well.

We list down 17 reasons why we are a true-blue King Khan fan!

1- KKHH, K3G, DTPH, DDLJ, MNIK, KANK, CE and the list continues…

Bollywood Galaxy srk-movie-list-continue-bg

You exactly know what I am talking about. You may or may not remember other important abbreviations, but not knowing short forms of Shah Rukh Khan’s movie names is just not possible! To others, it may look like some sort of a code but for fans it is perhaps the coolest thing, for not many actors can boast of so many movies abbreviations.

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