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Team Shah Rukh Khan Fan Club Opens An Online Store For All SRK Fans!

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Yes, you heard it right! This team has again come up with most awaited platform for their fans.

On 15th October 2017, Team Shah Rukh Khan Fan club launched an online store ‘TSRK Online‘ in their social media platform. The online store looks simple and stunning. They will be delivering merchandise such as Customized T-Shirt, Mobile Cover, Cushion, Hoodies, Caps, Mugs etc.

They have only added few t-shirts in their online store. Now, We are excited to hear more about it from the fan club.

Congratulations on launching ‘TSRK Online’ store, why TSRK Online? how you came up with the idea?

Why not, TSRK Online? When there is a need, there is a way. Being SRKian, we always want to wear or have customized things of SRK with us such as wristbands, t-shirts etc. We always search for such things in many t-shirts portal but most of the time we failed to get it. That’s why we worked for it for almost past 2-3 months and felt we can go online now with the platform, so that we can deliver the best quality merchandise to all loving SRK fans.

That’s great! As we can see only few products has been added, What else to be added?

See, we wanted to make it easy and simple for our fans and we are getting very good response, not huge by the way. Coming to the addition, yes, we have much more things coming in our store. Currently, we have added white and black special round neck t-shirts for all SRKian. We don’t want them to order only limited products, in coming days we will add more designs with more color options, full sleeve and v-neck t-shirts will be available for the same. Customized Hoodies and Mobile Cover will be added very soon. We don’t want to reveal so many things now, but you can expect so many surprises and all good things from our platform.

All good! What about print quality and delivery?

We always believe in quality more than quantity, that’s why we will be delivering the best quality 100% Cotton, 180 GSM Bio Washed Best Print Quality customized t-shirt now. You can see all specifications in our store and also check FAQs section. However, we will be adding other fabric also such as polyester soon.

For delivery, we have partnered with so many courier companies and it will take 3-4 days after we make and ship the best quality merchandise for our fans. They can expect it within 7-10 days maximum.

We are also offering Free Shipping in India. And, soon we will be delivering it Worldwide.

What are your expectations from this platform in coming days?

We don’t expect much, we just simply think of making our fan club bigger, better and serve for King Khan and all his fans including us. There’s no doubt, we love him to the core and planned so many things for him. As, we are the World’s biggest fan club of SRK on the internet we have to deliver all the time. Fortunately, we are having excellent team members and delivering what we have promised from the beginning! Keeping it simple, the only thing is love what makes us keep going all the time and King Khan always works like a booster for us. Be sure, it will deliver.

So, it’s a gift for all SRK fans and now they can buy all SRK related customized things from their very own trusted online store here : https://www.teamshahrukhkhan.net/shop/

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