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These Parenting Lessons From Shah Rukh Khan Proves Why He Is The Best Father

King of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan has added so many feathers to his hat but the best one is in his personal life. He is not only a successful person in his professional life but a super successful doting father.

So, here’s giving you few parenting lessons which you can learn from the King Khan.

1. Make your kids your best friends

Not a strict but a friendly dad.

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Lesson from SRK: In an interview:

“I love my children not because they are my children, but because I have garnered a friendship with them. I am realising this… as they are getting older, they are my greatest friends. I think my mental age is between 12 to 14, so it is nice to have two friends that I can ever have.”

Suhana gifted her dad a beautiful friendship band on Friendship Day, prompting the actor to tweet, “Feeling friendly now.”

Inspirational Qoute from SRK: “Do not talk down to your children, talk to them. Become their best buddies!

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